State-of-the-art facilities

Delhi Public World Schools have the best infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities, including well stocked libraries, mathematics, science and language labs, rooms for workshops and open spaces for sports

Excellent Curriculam

In terms of teaching, Delhi Public World Schools follow the guidance of the Education and Resource Council of the DPS World Foundation, which comprises eminent names in the world of education.

Best academic standards

Delhi Public World Schools strive to achieve the best academic standards in the world and your child will have access to the finest environment and facilities for drawing out and maximising their best potential.



It is the Dipsite Pedagogy System (DPS) that makes a Delhi Public World School different from other schools. The Delhi Public World School Gorakhpur is an innovative effort to integrate the best ideas in education taken from all good practices in India and around the world. For instance, we borrow from the Nai Talim principles of Mahatma Gandhi whereby learning takes place by doing, where knowledge and activities are not separated from each other, and the virtuous character of the child is built to last a life time.

Excellence in Education

We also strive to make the principle of universal peace and tolerance the basis of DPS, so that every child who comes to us leaves the school with a habit of humility making our future world a place of harmony and goodwill towards all.

The DPS ethos of equity, compassion, cooperation and service before self is our earnest endeavour. To achieve this blend, our student community is involved in peer tutoring to reach out to fellow students



The Curriculum of Delhi Public World Foundation adheres to the National Curriculum Framework 2005 (NCF 2005) and the CBSE curriculum. The Foundation believes that the classroom experiences of children are to be organized in a manner that permits them to construct knowledge in consonance with the child’s nature and context, thus providing equal learning opportunities for all children. Teaching aims at enhancing the child’s innate desire and acumen to learn.

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