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Our guiding principles are as follows:

  1.  Teaching and learning to shift away from rote methods
  2.  Curriculum to be enriched enough to go beyond textbooks
  3.  Teach less to learn more
  4.  Opportunities to be created to enhance the ability of children to link learned knowledge to life outside the school
  5.  Examinations to be more flexible and integrated with classroom life
  6.  Classroom experience is directed towards becoming good citizens with a sense of equality and compassion towards others.

Green School

We are committed to instilling the concept of sustainability in our students and staff. Students explore the concept of solar cells and storage of energy via hands on experience in our labs and also take up projects on recycling and waste management.


Botanical garden

Our Schools have a botanical garden where possible, which provides children the opportunity to experience the magnificence and vast variation in trees, plants and herbs. Children undertake care of plants and learn about soil, flora and fauna and our dependence on them.


Home Science Lab

Our Home Science laboratory provides students with practical knowledge and skills related to life in the home. Students explore issues of everyday life, nutrition, health, hospitality, improving relationships in the family, energy efficiency, waste disposal, etc.


Mathematics Lab

The Maths Lab allows students to explore mathematical concepts via games, puzzles and other modern teaching aids. In addition to teaching in the lab, students are encouraged to use lab facilities on their own to inculcate in them a spirit of discovery and invention.


Language Lab

Our Language Laboratory is fitted with latest multimedia equipment and audio-visual aids. Students are able to practise speaking a new language, record their work and take part in interactive sessions to improve their language skills while enjoying the experience.

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